Hi, everyone!
"Duelist" is a new Russian movie directed by Alexey Mizgirev about the man who wants to restore his honor. The action takes place in Saint-Petersburg, in the 19th century, Czarist Russia. You can see a very good picture of that age. It is a very realistic movie. It has a lot of small beautiful details at the suits of characters, great decorations and terrible weather. These details all are true to that age.


But the most important you can see is psychology. The Russian high society of that age. A lot of falsehood, blood and hypocrisy. The main character is an egoist. He cares about nothing because he lost everything. He doesn't respect the rules. He is arrogant. And he is ready to die every moment. But no bullet can harm him. The system can. Really... he is fighting with the system. He hated the guns, duels and death, but they didn't give him any choice. And he began to kill. Why not?

The slogan of this movie: "On the dark side of honor". This is amazing!


I've fallen in love with this movie. This is the first Russian film that makes me proud. Sometimes russian directors try to create the film for the world cinema. Sometimes it's not bad. Often it is horrible. Because it's just a copy of Hollywood. Without any Russian identity. Usually I don't go to the cinema for watching it. I watch the trailer, feel a lot of falsehood and a lot of shame for my country. Maybe it can be good movies for russian teenagers. Only. Art as a copy, which is not authentic, never will be successfull.

"Duelist" is the first Russian movie I want to share with a whole world. Without any shame. Because it's authentic. It's realistic. It includes our history, our mentality, our passion. It has good visual pictures, beautiful music, strong characters and an interesting plot. It's also a good romantic love story with many emotions. And I'm writing this review because I really love my country. Not like a patriot. Just like a human. I think this is not the film at one time. Maybe now not so many people have seen it. But it will be alive for a very long time, I'm sure.


English public reviews.

I checked English-language Internet and found few public reviews. Here are the links.

1) "The Duelist". Variety – a very strange review. It's something crazy about homosexual tendencies and Putin’s Imperial Russia... I'm sorry, I couldn't read it. I am very tired of these crazy paranoic ideas. There are good comments to this topic.
2) "The Duelist". The Hollywood reporter – a review written by Leslie Felperin after Toronto International Film Festival. I have read it with pleasure.
"The Duelist". The Hollywood reporter - this article written by Vladimir Kozlov tells us that the "Duelist" would become the highest grossing Russian movie in China ever.
"The Duelist" on IMDb

Trailer reactions

I watched some trailer reactions on Youtube. I had so much pleasure watching them. Thanks to all. Thank you for having done it. I see that these reactions are honest, that emotions are honest. I'm so glad.




My review is not professional. It's just my emotions and my thoughts. I hope a lot of people will watch this movie. And I hope they will like it. I want to end my article with one of my favorite old videos. What I really want. What I really do. And what I really live for. I want to see this world united without any deprivation of our identity. Like in this video. I know it is possible.

All are unique, and all are One.


Editor of this text: Alexandra Nikulina

Mariya Viter